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Hosting the Perfect Party at Jungle Fun Center

Planning a memorable birthday party for your child can be a daunting task, but Jungle Fun Center makes it easy and fun. Located in Chattanooga, Jungle Fun Center offers a safe, exciting, and customizable environment perfect for kids' parties. Here’s why Jungle Fun Center should be your top choice:

Flexible and Personalized Party Packages

Jungle Fun Center offers two main party packages: the Jungle Explorer Package and the Jungle Adventure Package. Both packages provide exclusive access to our vibrant jungle-themed venue for three hours, ensuring your party is private and personal. Whether you choose a weekday or a weekend celebration, both packages include a dedicated party host to keep the festivities running smoothly and ensure every child has a fantastic time.

Unique and Exciting Attractions

Our facility is designed to captivate and entertain children with various attractions:

  • Interactive Petting Zoo: Add a touch of nature to your party with our petting zoo, where kids can brush, feed, and interact with friendly animals. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, we bring some of the animals indoors to keep the fun going.

  • Mini-Theater: Enjoy a cozy movie session in our mini-theater, equipped with a library of about 40 movies perfect for kids.

  • Indoor Play Areas: From climbing mountains and sliding down to exploring our cave through an aesthetic waterfall, our play areas offer endless fun.

Bring Your Own Food and Decorations

Jungle Fun Center operates like an Airbnb, allowing you to bring your own food, drinks, and decorations. This flexibility ensures your party is unique and tailored to your child's preferences. Our jungle-themed venue with lush decor and vibrant animal motifs provides a fantastic backdrop, but you’re welcome to personalize it further. Just remember to use command strips to avoid damaging our murals.

Accessibility and Convenience

We strive to be inclusive and accessible for all children, including those with special needs. Our venue is wheelchair accessible, and we ensure that all kids can join the fun. Additionally, our convenient location in Hixson, Tennessee, offers ample parking, making it easy for guests to arrive and enjoy the party.

Easy Booking and Hassle-Free Experience

Booking a party at Jungle Fun Center is straightforward. You can book up to an hour before the event, provided there’s space available. We also offer assistance with party setup and cleanup, ensuring a stress-free experience for parents. Our hosts are there to help before and after every party, making sure everything is perfect.

Additional Customization Options

Want to make the party even more special? Contact Mark to add exciting extras like a petting zoo or in-person princess characters. These add-ons can enhance the experience and create unforgettable memories for your child and their friends.

Jungle Fun Center is dedicated to providing a fun, safe, and memorable environment for your child’s birthday celebration. With our flexible packages, unique attractions, and supportive staff, hosting the perfect party has never been easier. Contact us today to book your event and let the adventure begin!



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