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◦    You will need to sign a waiver when you enter the property. You will find the document on the table near the entrance. Thank you for your cooperation and help in abiding by our requests. 


    ◦    The key to the facility will be in the mailbox on the left-hand side of the front door. Please replace the key in the mail box when you depart the center. 


    ◦    The lights to the facility are right next to the entrance door on the right hand side. Please turn the lights off when you depart at the end of your party. 


    ◦    We have several fish tanks in the facility. Please DO NO FEED THE FISH. They are sensitive and can die if you give them birthday cake or any other human food. They also do not enjoy kids toys. Please do not put anything into the tanks including little hands. 


    ◦    All trash can be placed in the dumpster outside on the side of the building. There are three trash cans in the facility. One in the kitchen, one at the baby changing table and one in the restroom. Failure to remove your trash will waive your deposit. 


    ◦    Food and birthday snacks are to be enjoyed on hard areas only. Our turf has a hard time absorbing birthday food and drinks.


    ◦    Spilled drinks are really sticky and can dirty the entire center very quickly. There is a mop and bucket available in the baby changing facility for such events. 


    ◦    No tape, sticky tape, clear tape, packaging tape, double sided tape or Duck Tape are to be used in the facility. Please only use command strips to put decorations onto the murals and walls. We don’t want our expensive murals damaged with tape or other products. Any damages to the murals will cause further costs to you.

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