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  • What age group is Jungle Fun Center suitable for?
    Birthday parties for children birth to eight years old. Obviously older kids can enjoy it. But, the target is close to eight.
  • Are there any food and drink options available for parties? Can we bring our own food?
    The party center works similar to an Airbnb. You bring your own food, drinks, ice games, events, decor, etc..
  • What is your cancellation or rescheduling policy?
    All rescheduling can take place so long as the time you want to reschedule is available. If you need to cancel a party, we will happily refund your money.
  • How far in advance do I need to book a party?
    The party can be booked up to the hour before a party so long as there is space.
  • Is the venue accessible for children with special needs?
    All children even those with special needs are welcome at Jungle fun center. Center is wheelchair accessible.
  • Can parents stay during the party? Is there a designated area for them?
    There is a living room suite available in the children’s play area with family and friends concert and relax. Parents can stay during the party. And enjoy the time with the family hosting the party.
  • What activities are included in the petting zoo add-on?
    Children are welcome to pet brush and feed the animals. Most of the time Petting Zoo’s are available for the kids to interact with the animals. Should weather become an issue, we would bring some of the animals indoors.
  • Do you offer any assistance with party setup and cleanup?
    Yes. We have a host available for every party before and after every party.
  • Are there any restrictions on decorations or themes?
    Jungle Fun Center is already decorated as a jungle theme with animals all over the walls and 3-D murals. However, you are welcome to change your party theme to whatever you desire. If you want to cover the murals, you are most welcome. We only ask that you use command strips so that the mirrors do not get damaged. The murals are expensive and any damage will be for the account of the person who booked the party.
  • What are the parking facilities like at Jungle Fun Center?
    Jungle Fun Center is located in a small strip mall that accommodates about 30 cars. We do have access to the church is parking lot next-door to the property.
  • Besides the venue, what additional items or services are included when I purchase a party package, particularly in terms of decorations and setup?
    Jungle Fun Center is set up as a system similar to an Airbnb. Other than a host and any other packages you may book, the time and space is yours to do whatever you choose.
  • What is the allocated time for setting up decorations before the party, and how long do we have for cleanup afterward? Is this included in the 3-hour party duration, or do we have extra time?
    Parties can be booked back to back however, there is a half hour space between parties. Set up can normally happen 30 minutes prior to a party, but we ask families to end their parties at their in time including the cleanup. Our host on site can assist with cleanup.
  • Is your space open during the week for play or are you strictly for birthday parties?
    At this time, Jungle Fun Center is only a party center. We are looking at the feasibility of opening the center during the week for open play.
  • Can I visit Jungle Fun Center for a quick tour? What are your hours for impromptu visits?
    Yes, we welcome tours as this helps the family prepare for their party. If you wish to have a tour on the same day, please call 423-774-8888 and we can make arrangements for you to tour the facility.
  • How many tables are available for use during parties at Jungle Fun Center?
    There is a static attached table against one of the walls in the dining area. There is also a movable table in the kitchen area. There is a fold up table in the kitchen next to the fridge and there are kitchen countertops as well. There are two dining tables that are 12 feet long by 3 feet wide that can accommodate approximately 24 adults.
  • What activities and attractions are available for children at Jungle Fun Center?
    Jungle Fun Center offers a Pok-like facility indoors and temperature controlled. There is a cave that is accessible through the aesthetic waterfall and also a doorway. There is a mini theater for kids to watch movies with a library of about 40 movies. There is a bowling alley. There is a kid's play center with toys. There is a mountain where the kids can climb up and slide down. We also have three fish tanks in the facility.
  • If there are no subsequent bookings on the same day as our event, is it possible to extend our party duration closer to the date?
    Absolutely, Jungle Fun Center wants to give every single person an opportunity to enjoy and have fun at the party. If there are no parties booked after your party, you are welcome to stay.
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